klub zin
klub zin #3B: fire

klub zin #3B: fire

15 USD
featuring 18 artists from all over the world, over 100 pages of comics and illustrations!!
klub zin #3 is split into two books - A (comics, b&w) and B (illustration, color). this is part B

printed in offset on munken print white paper with munken lynx paper cover. format B5 (176x250mm), glued and sewn binding for best enjoyment of comics!

klub zin #3B "fire" artists: Mateusz Sarzyński, Ema Gaspar, Weronika Banasińska, Alejandro Gaudino, Varvara Nedilska, Flavushh, Jason Murphy, Jake Terrell, William Dereume, Miko, Ivy Atoms, Nou, Paqaru, Fabio Tonetto, Sung Hyun Kim, Teng Yung Han, Hadeer Ali, Martoz
cover by Daniel Gutowski