klub zin
klub zin #2: the other one

klub zin #2: the other one

22 USD
featuring 21 artists from all over the world, 160 pages of comics and illustrations in full color!!

printed in offset on munken print white paper with munken lynx paper cover. format B5 (176x250mm), glued and sewn binding for best enjoyment of comics!

klub zin #2 artists: Hyebin, Juli Majer, Karl Nesser, Devon McFarland, Shee Phon, Oasis Of Hate, Mugny, Ben Marcus, Nadine Redlich, 生, Aleksandra Waliszewska, Freddy Carrasco, Ala Flora, Javvie, Victoria Vincent, Inji Seo, Sujin, XUH, Luis Yang, JLVC, Magdalena Rzepecka